Handcuff Cases are Here!

At long last, the Zero9 Holsters handcuff cases are here!  Designed to securely hold your handcuffs while keeping them readily at hand for a quick draw, our handcuff cases are as close to universal as you will find in a kydex handcuff case! 


You can choose from standard sized (chain & hinge) or ASP (chain & hinge) as well as your choice of malice clips or tek-lok attachments.


We have tested them with several of the currently available standard sized handcuffs however we know that there are definitely other brands/models out there that may not fit.  We will gladly have you send the cuff case back to us for a refund (we'll ask you for feedback on what brand/model didn't fit so we can keep track).


Head here to pick up your handcuff case today!  

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