Q: What is the difference between Malice Clips and Tek-Loks?

A: Malice Clips are designed specifically for molle attachment but can also be used on belts (to include duty belts) - they have 2 adjustment positions for various sized belts.  Tek-Loks are the go-to option for duty belts if you never plan on using the item with molle gear.  The tek-lok adjusts to multiple belt sizes and locks on for a very solid platform.

Q: What is the lead time for orders?

A: Our currently published lead time (available on the home page picture slider and on the announcement bar at the bottom of every screen throughout the site) is currently at 1-2 weeks for all orders.  We often get orders out ahead of this but count on 1-2 weeks as a fall back time frame.

Q: Where can I go to view examples of ZERO9 HOLSTERS?

A: Please visit our online Galleries on social media:  Facebook and Instagram.

Q: Why should I choose Kydex over Leather?

A: Kydex is the superior choice for holsters for a number of reasons (many of which have been discussed at great length on various blogs, forums and other websites.) To name a few reasons:

1- Kydex retains its shape regardless of wear and tear, Kydex does not collapse and therefore you do not experience the issues with re-holstering that leather is prone to.

2- Similarly, for inside the waistband holsters (IWB), the fact Kydex does not collapse allows for a better re-holstering compared to leather even without wear.

3- We can make a holster for whatever weapon you own or plan to own.  The age-old issue of "I can't find a holster for a (insert gun/knife/weapon/item here)" has been taken care of, we can make it for that.


Q: What kind of warranty do you have?

A: A lifetime warranty, simply put, we will repair or replace your holster for life (unless you backed over it with a Bearcat and then we may have to talk first).


Q: Do you have a storefront/retail location?

A: No.  That being said, our holsters are sold at various locations on our behalf, contact us at info@zero9holsters.com for more information or to begin carrying Zero9 Holsters at your shop!


Q: I've read that some people recommend thread-locker on their hardware, do you do this?

A: We DO recommend you use a thread-locker (ie. Vibra-Tite or Blue Loc-Tite) on your holster hardware.  We do apply thread-locker on the hardware of some items during production and include Vibra-Tite packets for products that allow for adjustment so you can secure your hardware once you've adjusted to suit.  AS WITH ANY GEAR, WE RECOMMEND YOU CHECK YOUR HARDWARE REGULARLY FOR WEAR AND/OR LOOSENING.  Please contact us if you have any issues with your Zero9 Holsters product.


We currently offer flat $5 shipping for all orders under $100.  Orders over $100 ship free.  Flat shipping to Canada is $30.  If you need expedited shipping or wish to ship somewhere other than the Continental US or APO addresses, please contact us at info@zero9holsters.com in advance to make arrangements.