The Mic Loop - LE owned business.  Creator of the Mic Loop, a patent pending product that affixes to your vest and allows your portable radio mic a place to attach to, securing it from popping off during foot chases etc.

Morgan Timing Systems - Veteran owned business.  Creator of a proprietary dry fire system incorporating a cell phone application that tracks and records shot time to enhance your off-range training experience.

Cheyenne Mountain Arms - Veteran owned business.  FFL, custom gun creation and Cerakoting located in Colorado.

Spearpoint Technologies Spearpoint Technologies - LE owned business.  Creators of the Defensive Low-Profile System (DLS).  An innovative new weapon retention device for duty belts.

Select Fire Training Center - Located in Berea, Ohio, indoor shooting range (both pistol and rifle) along with firearms sales and full service training facilities.  Select Fire has Zero9 Holsters in stock and can accept custom orders!

Pro Armament - Located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, indoor shooting range, CCW classes and firearms and accessories sales.  Pro Armament has Zero9 Holsters in stock!

3G Tactical - Located in Tipp City, Ohio, full service firearms shop as well as CCW instruction.  Associated with the Guns and Ribbons event!

Black Label Armory - Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, purveyors of fine firearms and equipment and Home of the Barlow line of rifles.  Associated with the Guns and Ribbons event!

Guns and Ribbons - Breast Cancer Awareness event held in the Tipp City, Ohio area each year in support of breast cancer victims and survivors. 

Officer Down Memorial Page - (ODMP) dedicated to fallen police officers throughout the United States and it's Territories.