Duty Style Double Mag Pouch

Duty style double magazine pouch - slim design to save you real estate on your duty belt or molle vest!  These are currently available for the Glock and M&P 9/40 Mags and ONLY in DOUBLE configuration for now.  These place the bullets facing out to compress the footprint and feature a retention screw to adjust the draw retention to suit.

These can be ordered with either a tek-lok (duty belt) or malice clips (molle mounting).  Either option can be mounted for horizontal or vertical carry.

Available in plain black or basketweave.  Colors and prints available upon request (email for further information).


*** These DMP's are NOT included in our quick ship items at this time - they are made per order and subject to our normally stated lead time ***


*** More calibers and models to follow - sorry there is no solid timeline on which or when just yet ***

$ 29.95

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