# Handcuff Case

Available at long last - the Zero9 Holsters Handcuff Pouch!  Available in 2 versions - standard (chain & hinge) or ASP (chain & hinge) with your choice of malice clips (molle applications) or tek-lok (belt/duty belt).  These cases are designed to securely hold your handcuffs while keeping them easily at hand for a quick draw.  


NOTE: These cases have been tested with a large sampling of currently available handcuffs.  That being said, there are definitely more brands/styles out there that have not been officially verified as of yet.  Should you have a brand/style that does not fit, we will gladly have you send the case back for a refund (and some feedback on what brand you found that did not fit).


*** The oversized blade cuffs (almost look like a leg shackle for hands) DO NOT fit the standard OR ASP cuff case ***
*** The newest version of ASP Ultra cuffs (Forged) DO NOT fit the current ASP cuff case.  Once we get a set into the shop and adjust the mold we will let everyone know ***

$ 19.95

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